Wheelie RC Stunts on Demand!

Press the button, endless wheelies. Instant thrills at your fingertips!

Let´s do some stunts!

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Are there specific surfaces to drive on?

Experience precision control with our RC bike! Slide right for enhanced surfaces like outdoor terrains or different floors. Hit the button for bumpy roads, mastering every non-flat surface. Elevate your ride, one click at a time!

How long does the battery last?

Unlock 210 minutes of non-stop action! Our battery goes the distance, allowing you to unleash maximum power and enjoy every feature to the fullest during the entire duration

What can i do with the Remote controller?

Discover endless excitement with the wheelie RC! Experience dynamic wheelies, versatile movements in all directions, and show-stopping stunts. Easily switch to bumpy mode, outside mode, or other surface modes, and effortlessly execute 180-degree turns—all at the touch of a button